Chum world

Get ready to navigate your way through mazes and puzzles of goodness in Chum World: Grand Maze Momo lived in the chum clan peacefully and happy collecting golden items – and suddenly his world got turned upside down and he got lost.

But hope is not all lost!

We have the means to help Momo to get back to his clan by helping him navigate through different mazes and collecting all the golden keys to open the Magical Golden Gate that leads her back home. Make your way through many amazing levels, packed with everything dangerous and fun mazes have to offer. If you thought solving a puzzle and navigating through mazes was fun, just wait until you try your brain on the this game! To get Momo to get moving swipe on the screen any direction and Momo will follow that direction. Once swiped you have to wait for Momo to stop moving then you can swipe a different direction.

  • Visualize the maze and moves so you finish the mazes/puzzles in a short amount of time and move
  • Great way to keep your mind sharp and fit
  • It’s time to chill out with Momo in Chum World: Grand Maze, WE DON’T NEED ANY PHONE PERMISSIONS


  • No Ads during Game Play
  • No Phone Permissions Needed
  • Plenty of Worlds to go through
  • 50+ of fun and challenging mazes and puzzles!
  • Wormholes that take you to different parts of the maze
  • Magical Carpets that can carry you over water or empty space
  • Levels that will get you into a loop if you navigate incorrectly
  • More World and level building being done
  • Traps that must be avoided
  • Ask your friends to get help and enjoy game together!
  • We don’t need WI-FI!
  • “Chum world Grand Maze” contains the ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
  • “Chum world Grand Maze” is free to play.
  • “Chum world Grand Maze” is a good way to exercise your brain and keep it fit 🙂
  • Embark on an adventure with Momo



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