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Find Out if You can rescue Carley by Playing Finley’s Rescue Now!

***About Finleys Rescue***

While taking a stroll in the parks of the Kinoven Kingdom, Carly is kidnapped by a Candy Foot Monster. To rescue Carly from her evil captor, you must collect different kinds of delicious, mouth-watering candies by tapping them as they appear on your screen. It’s your job to save Carley and make sure that good triumphs over evil!

***Watch Out for Birds, Monsters and Bombs!***

To succeed, you’ll need to avoid challenges and risks along the way, including hordes of monsters, falling bombs and flocks of unfriendly birds. But don’t worry: you’ll have some help as well including:

> Birds that will actually help you vs. harm you > A secret super cake that gives you extra lives when tapped > Bonuses and power-ups

***Easy to Understand, Tough to Master***

Finleys Rescue is easy to understand, which means you can start playing right away. But it’s also tough to master, because the game gets more challenging as you play. Don’t worry about getting bored, because there’s always a fun and exciting new challenge ahead as you journey towards the Candy Foot Monster!

***Amazing Graphics, Animation & Sound***

Finleys Rescue will delight your sense. The graphics are vibrant and detailed, the animation is ultra-smooth, and the music is fun and exciting You won’t want to stop playing!
Hurry — Carley Needs Your Help! Play Finleys Rescue Now and Save Her from the Candy Foot Monster. FREE DOWNLOAD!
If you encounter any issue or complaint during the gameplay, you can reach up to us at, we are open to your suggestions and to provide you the best game play experience.




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