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Just Launched - Chum World: Grand Maze

Help Momo collect all the golden keys and navigate through the puzzle passages so that he can get back to his chum clan..

by Omitus Games, 11/05/2018

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Finleys Rescue

Collect candy, become a hero and help Finley save Carley from the candy foot monster that has kidnapped her while outing in the parks of Kinoven Kingdom. You will have to...

by Omitus Games, 25/07/2017

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About Us

Imaginations grow best when they’re allowed to play.

Omitus focuses on bringing you quality mobile games and entertainment

We are a new entertainment company on a mission to make awesome mobile games, sharing smiles across every continent.

Omitus launched in July 2017 and, with the launch of our first game Finleys Rescue, we are primed to become one of the fastest growing entertainment companies this year. We believe that games should make you feel good, whether you are a 5 year old boy/girl or a 100 year old man/woman.

Pick up any Omitus game, and be prepared for adventure, excitement and good “new-fashioned” fun. User experience is our top priority, which is why we take the time necessary before we launch to make sure everything is good to go.

All the best things in life are free, our mobile games will be free like the sun

The team behind Omitus is talented and diverse. Together, we build incredible games that the whole world can enjoy. Nothing gets overlooked. We are constantly looking for creative ways to innovate, which is why we infuse fun into everything we do.